July 1, 2021

4Upstate Orthopedics, a New York-based orthopedic rehabilitation company, has released a video showing the importance of a proper spinal tap, and how to do it with the proper care.

In the video, Dr. Scott Biederman and Dr. Matthew Miller discuss the benefits of spinal taps, and explain why it is important for patients to get the proper medical treatment when they do get a spinal cord injuries.

Read moreAt the start of the video Dr. Miller describes how spinal taps are performed in hospitals.

It is important to remember that the spinal cord is not attached to the body, but is attached to an artery.

When the patient is injected with a foreign object such as a needle, it causes the artery to rupture, which causes blood to leak into the spinal fluid.

The fluid can then cause swelling of the spinal column, which can lead to the development of a spinal injury.

“The amount of fluid in the spinal canal is controlled by the amount of blood circulating,” Dr. Biedeman explains.

“When there is more blood circulating, the fluid moves around, the pressure inside the spinal compartment increases, and the pressure can cause injury.”

In this video, the video shows how to safely administer spinal taps.

It includes an anatomy and a video explaining the technique.

Dr. Biermann explains how the fluid will move around inside the patient’s spinal canal.

“You want to use a soft tissue tool like a sterile cotton swab or something similar to be able to get into the cervical vertebrae,” he explains.

“And then you want to gently massage that tissue and the tissue around the head of the head.”

“The other thing that happens is the blood vessels that are surrounding the spinal nerves in the head will dilate and that dilates the blood pressure inside,” Dr Biedman continues.

“And when you do that, the blood flow to the brain will decrease and you’ll be less likely to develop a brain injury.

So when you see a lot of blood flow, you may feel a little bit dizzy, but that’s normal.

You know, the swelling of a patient’s brain is probably normal.”

The video concludes with Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and a former president of the American Academy of Neurology, sharing a story of a woman who was taken to the emergency room after having a brain hemorrhage, and her doctor told her to just take a couple of spinal fusions.

“He said, ‘You’ve got to take them out before you get a hemorrhage,'” Dr. Carson recalls.

“So I did and it was like a second-degree stroke.

She’s now back on her feet.

It was a miracle.”

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