July 5, 2021

By Lauren Wainwright,Associated Press The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people who have a fever and are at least 50 days old should get a flu vaccine to protect themselves against the flu.

But people over 50, those with an immune deficiency, and those who are not already vaccinated can also get a shot.

If you get a dose of the flu shot, your immune system will be strengthened and the virus will be less likely to infect you.

If that doesn’t work, there’s another way to protect yourself: get vaccinated with a specific strain of the virus.

CDC researchers have identified a strain of influenza that causes the flu most often, so if you don’t get the vaccine, you could be exposed to another strain of flu that you haven’t been exposed to.

The CDC’s National Influenza Surveillance System, which monitors and alerts the public on new influenza strains, will track these strains and report the strains as they emerge.

The vaccine, the CDC says, is the most effective way to prevent people from getting sick with flu.

If your body is already primed for a flu infection, the vaccine can help protect you.

“People have the potential to be exposed,” said Dr. Jennifer P. O’Connor, chief medical officer for the CDC.

“The flu vaccine is a really good preventive tool.”

The flu shot protects against influenza A (H3N2), which causes mild to moderate illness.

It protects against the strain of H5N1 that causes H1N1.

People who get the flu can get a second shot if they have a milder case.

The flu vaccine protects against a strain that’s not the most common strain of strain of Influenza A (commonly known as H3N1), which usually causes mild illness, a fever, and cough, or pneumonia.

The influenza vaccine protects you from the H1 or H2 viruses.

The H1 and H2 vaccines work by protecting against influenza B viruses that are typically more virulent than H3 viruses.

A second dose of a flu shot helps protect you against the virus that causes flu.

H2B vaccines protect against the H3 strains.

The second dose protects you against one of the two influenza strains that are most common in the U.S., according to the CDC, although the third dose is not recommended because it is not known whether it protects against H1.

The CDC says that people who get a vaccine should take it every two weeks for the rest of the year.

The third dose also protects against viruses that can cause pneumonia.

Pneumonia is one of several serious side effects from the flu that can be severe.

People over age 65 are at greater risk for pneumonia, as are people who are pregnant or have a chronic health condition.

People over age 50 who don’t have symptoms of influenza should get the second dose, as do people with mild or moderate symptoms.

People who get two doses of the second-generation influenza vaccine can take them every two to four weeks for up to four years.

People in their 50s and older can’t get them, but they can take two doses every two years if they’re healthy.

People ages 65 and older who don, should get two vaccines every two months for six months.

People can get the third and fourth doses, if they want to.

People younger than 50 who get flu shots should also get the three-dose vaccination for the first time.

The CDC recommends that you see a doctor if you have symptoms and you’re experiencing a cough, fever, or cough or runny nose.

If these symptoms last more than a day or two, or if you experience any of the following:Severe cough, runny or bloody nose, headache, diarrhea, or sore throat, call your doctor right away.

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