July 11, 2021

A pediatric orthopaedic surgeon is trying to save the lives of hundreds of kids by treating the growing number of kids who suffer from tooth decay.

Dr. John C. Geddes is also trying to find a cure for the millions of kids that have lost their teeth due to gum disease.

The orthopedist is also helping kids who have gum disease by treating their childrens teeth with a powerful medication called a gelator.

Dr., Gedden is the author of “Gelator: The Complete Guide to Treating Tooth Decay in Your Childrens Dentistry.”

He spoke to New York magazine’s Rachelle Minton about the gelator and how it can be used to treat dental pain.

Rachelle: How did you get started with treating tooth decay?

Dr. Geades: Well, the idea was that when kids get a little bit sick, they go to the dentist and they take the same medication, but they’re given the gel that has a little higher concentration of sugar than the other medicine that they take.

It’s called a sugar gelator, and it’s a combination of a high concentration of gel and a high dose of medication that is designed to kill bacteria that are the cause of tooth decay in kids.

So it’s basically a drug that kills bacteria in the kids teeth.

So when kids are sick, the kids are given this gel, and when they get sick, we know they’re going to get the gel.

And then we take the gel, put it in their mouth, and give them a little more medication.

But what’s important about the therapy is the kids have to have their teeth cleaned.

And that’s where the gelators come in.

What they’re doing is putting the gel in the mouth and then, when they have a period of time after that, they’re taking a small amount of gel to see if it kills bacteria, and then the gel is being broken down into its constituent parts, and the part that’s the sugar is being absorbed and then being broken into smaller pieces.

That way, the bacteria is killed.

But the important thing is that the kids do have to be given a gel, because the gel has to be absorbed into the mouth so that it can actually kill bacteria.

That’s where they put the gel into the kids mouth.

Rachel: When you’re treating children with gum disease, how do you treat their teeth?

Dr: Well first, you have to treat the gum.

The gum is the thing that makes up the gums and it has to go into the childs mouth and make contact with the tooth.

So, the gum is like the seal that the tooth is in.

So if the gum goes in too quickly, it can cause the tooth to get loose and become crooked, and that can lead to decay.

And it’s the gum that needs to be removed.

And the first thing that you have them do is take their gum out of the mouth.

They take a tiny bit of the gum and put it into the gum, and they then have to rinse it off.

So they put it back in, and now they’re just taking their gum with them and they’re washing it off, and rinse it again, and again.

And finally they wash their teeth.

And this is the most important part, they wash all their teeth with the same soap and water that they use to wash their hands and put soap on their teeth every morning.

They wash their mouth twice a day.

And they then put the toothbrush in their mouths, and once they’ve got their toothbrush, they brush their teeth and then brush their gum off, rinse the gum off.

And just because the toothbrushes are in their teeth, you know, doesn’t mean that they’re not going to have problems.

Rachel; Dr. C.G. has been treating children for decades, and his expertise has been used to help thousands of kids get their teeth checked every year.

His specialty is in children with cavities and cavities of the gingivitis type, and he’s also used the gel to treat kids with gum arthritis, tooth decay, and even tooth abscesses.

Rachel is a registered dietitian, and Rachelle’s mom, Mary, is a certified dietitarian.

You can learn more about Rachelle and her diet, diet supplements, and more at dietitians.com.

Rachel L. Minton is a food blogger and health blogger for the Daily Mail, and she is the host of the popular Food Blogging Show, The Rachel L Minton Show.

Rachel joined The Rachel Minton Report podcast in August of 2017.

Her latest book, “Healthy, Healthy, Healthy,” is available for purchase.

Rachel has been writing for The Rachel Hinton Report since 2011.

You’ll find more of her work at foodbuzz.com/rachel.

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