July 23, 2021

US orthopeds associations has been slapped with a class action lawsuit over the removal of a senior member after the association filed a complaint with the US Department of Justice alleging he “disrespectfully and professionally engaged in an activity that was detrimental to his profession”. 

The lawsuit alleges that Dr. James Hargrove, MD, has been removing articles of clothing from his office, a sign of disrespect, and removing books from the shelves. 

In his complaint, the USDOJ alleges that Hargrot was removed from his position as chair of the American College of Orthopaedic Surgeons in November 2015, when the association was formed. 

The complaint also alleges that in January 2016, Dr. Hargraves wife took his place as chair, while the association continued to receive payment. 

“The American College is deeply disappointed that the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon, the governing body of the Association, would continue to deny the American Orthopeds Association membership to Dr. J.

Hargroves in 2017 after his removal from the position of chair of its governing body,” the complaint states. 

A representative for the American Association of Orthodontists did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Dr. Houghton resigned in December 2016. 

Hargrot is one of two US doctors who were removed from their roles as chair and vice chair of US orthodontics associations in 2017, according to the American Journal of Orthotic and Sports Surgery. 

US orthopedics association spokesman Michael Belsky told The Globe and Mail that Houghtons resignation was due to a “difficult year.”

“He is still working at his practice in Omaha, Nebraska,” Belski said. 

According to the complaint, Hargrev also received the American Board of Orthotics Certification for 2018, which certifies orthopedist to practice at least six months a year. 

Last month, the American Society of Orthopathic Surgeons removed Dr. Belskovitz, who was appointed as the association’s vice chair in October, from his positions as chair. 

Belskovits resignation comes less than two months after a federal judge in Colorado struck down the state’s ban on the sale of orthopedically-qualified medical equipment to people who had undergone a full-body X-ray, as well as the state-funded Orthodizedic Registry of Colorado’s licensing requirements for the sale and use of orthotics. 

Colorado is among a handful of states where licensing restrictions are in place. 

Federal judges in March struck down a similar ban in Washington state. 

An orthopedician who was removed by the American Medical Association from its board of directors was also removed from the board of the Australian Society of Neurological Surgeons, and has not returned to that position.

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