August 16, 2021

Aria orthopaedics chief and head of orthopedias group Dr. Thomas E. Haugland will resign from his post as president of Orthopaedic Center of Arizona, the company announced Thursday.

Haugland, an orthopedist, has been with the company for seven years.

The news comes a day after a federal judge in Arizona blocked the state’s new medical marijuana law from taking effect until it is fully enforced.

The state said the law would be “cruel” to the patients and taxpayers.

Arizona’s medical marijuana industry is expected to generate more than $2 billion in new revenue this year and more than half of that is expected in Arizona, where dispensaries have been permitted since April.

Arizona has allowed some of the first dispensaries to open, and its dispensaries are expected to continue to grow as the state becomes more accepting of the recreational marijuana industry.

But the medical marijuana bill is expected by many to have an impact on the industry.

Hoglund said in a statement that he has “decided to take a voluntary retirement.

We are very thankful for the incredible support from our Arizona patient base and the countless medical professionals and patients who have helped make this work.”

The company said it was “devastated” by the court’s ruling.

Hogslund said his retirement was part of a broader effort to “make the medical care we provide and provide to our patients as best we can a reality in Arizona,” including by “shaping our business in a way that ensures our continued success.”

Hogsland’s resignation follows that of Dr. William W. Smith, the president of the American Orthopists Association.

Smith, who is also a physician, resigned from his position last month after the association sent him a letter saying that he had violated its code of conduct by “using his position to promote his personal brand, including promoting his personal interests.”

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