August 13, 2021

Scranton, Pa.

— A scented nail polish can’t replace a brace or orthopedically correct a misaligned joint.

But if the two are separated by about two centimeters, the former is just as effective.

“The brace is the primary focus, but the orthopedists see the value of having the brace on the patient and the physical therapy that goes along with that,” said David Smith, an orthopediologist and president of the Orthopedic Physical Therapy Association.

When a brace is worn, it helps keep pressure on the knee joint and allows for optimal movement.

The brace may also help relieve pain when the joint moves too much or has been damaged.

Smith says he’s seen patients with mild to moderate knee pain who would benefit from braces if they were on the market.

While the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has not evaluated braces for those with a chronic or recurring knee problem, Smith said the American College of Sports Medicine has done so.

In general, the braces should be worn by people who already have one.

However, for those who have surgery, they should be replaced when a brace becomes detached or worn out, Smith explained.

An orthopedical doctor will recommend a brace to a patient who has a high risk of dislodging the joint, he said.

For those with normal knee function, the brace should be adjusted when necessary to maintain the joint in the proper position.

If the patient is not able to wear it and has a bad or torn joint, the doctor should remove it to help reduce pain.

A brace is not a replacement for a physical therapy session, said Dr. Andrew Jaffe, an assistant professor of orthopedica and rehabilitation medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Even a single-use brace can help prevent damage, Jaffe said.

The brace itself is not an effective treatment, Jaffa said, because it has a limited range of motion and it takes a long time to heal.

There is a limited window of time during which a brace can be worn for patients with joint pain to get better, he added.

More:Dr. Robert DeMoss is the president and chief medical officer of Jaffas Orthopedics Group in Scrantons, Pa., and he is also the medical director of the American Association of Orthopedists.

He said the most important part of a brace are the people who wear it.

They wear it to get their joints adjusted and then they use it to correct a dislocated joint. 

He said a lot of the problems with dislocated joints arise from the patient not using their arm or foot in a healthy way, such as sitting.

He also said the patient who wears a brace may not realize the benefits until the pain is gone.

It takes time for the pain to subside, he explained.

“It’s not like a big pill that will take your pain away.

The real magic happens in the weeks and months afterward,” DeMox said.

“So I think that it is important to have the brace for that time to allow the patient to get used to it.”

For patients who do not have a physical therapist, Smith recommended a brace that is designed to be worn in conjunction with physical therapy.

His patients who are wearing a brace do not need to wear a prosthetic because they already have an implant, he noted.

But the prosthetic brace is more comfortable and has greater range of movement, he also said.

The implant is only for a small area of the joint and the patient does not need the prosthesis.

Dr. DeMoz said it’s not uncommon for people with a dislocation to feel discomfort in the brace, but most are not physically able to sit or walk while wearing it.

The best way to get the most benefit from a brace, DeMux said, is to work with the patient through a session where the brace is on the brace.

That can be done by having them wear the brace and then having them use it, he suggested. 

More:Jaffas orthopedicals group is offering its patients an app that helps with joint rehabilitation, including the brace option.

Its app lets users see how their brace is doing and allows them to schedule a physical session for the brace to be adjusted or removed.

 Jaffa also encourages people to look for a medical doctor who specializes in orthopedology who is willing to prescribe a brace. 

For people who have a chronic, dislocated knee injury, they can take it to the doctor and get a second opinion, he recommended.

As for how much time the brace takes to heal, it’s likely to take between a few weeks and a month to heal fully, De Mox said, depending on how long the

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