August 18, 2021

A few years ago, when Brielles mother, Kristy, was diagnosed with a severe neck injury, Kristys father, David, was forced to put his life on hold.

“It just made me feel like I wasn’t going to have a future,” said Kristy.

It was also devastating for Kristys family, which was struggling to provide for her, pay for her medical bills, and support her other family members.

“I think we had a lot of support from the community and a lot in the community in the process,” said David.

“But, we were so devastated because it was the most difficult thing that we were ever going to face.

We had to find a way to keep going, to keep trying.”

Brielle was diagnosed and given the first-ever neck injury treatment at Brieles orthopedical hospital in May 2014.

The family was overwhelmed by the response and Briel is now at home at her mother’s side.

Brielles parents said they are fortunate to be able to provide support to those who need it, but that’s not enough.

“What you want is a life of stability and that’s what you need.

You need that to have an outlet,” said Briel.”

You need that because it’s your livelihood and you’re supporting your family.

It’s a very tough thing to do.”

The orthopedist says it is very rare to see people who are in pain and in need of help with their neck injuries but Kristy’s story is an example of how difficult it can be to find someone who can provide that support.

Kristy says it’s not uncommon for patients to need a neck injury therapy, but she’s seen patients that are able to cope with it and still have a life.

“People are so compassionate, so kind, they really want to help,” said Anna Brielie.

“That’s a gift to me that they’re able to have that support and I feel like it’s so hard.”

Anna said Kristys mother has been so supportive since the initial consultation.

“She’s been amazing and has supported us throughout the whole process,” she said.

“And, I just think it’s really important that we all come together in a way that can get that support that needs to be had for those patients that need it.”

Beryl’s mother says Briel was so excited about having a new job, and she has been able to work from home.

Kristys father said they’re grateful for Kristy and the support that they’ve been able a provide to her family and the community.

“We’re very grateful and happy to have her,” said Chris Brielier.

“If you can’t have your own life, you can still be happy.”

“It’s been an amazing experience and hopefully it’ll be an experience that we can all take home.”

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