September 21, 2021

Websters orthopedists is holding its third annual “Webster Orthopedics Summit” in New York City this week, and its theme is “How to Get Your Braces on.”

The event features a variety of orthopedist speakers, including Dr. Robert W. Woodbury, chief of orthopaedic surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and his wife, Dr. Barbara Woodbury.

The event will take place in Manhattan’s Times Square, with attendees attending the conference at the Hilton Hotel on Fifth Avenue between Madison and Sixth Avenues.

The conference will feature a full day of presentations, including keynote speaker Dr. William W. Gurney, president of the Orthopedic Society of America.

Woodfield is also scheduled to speak at the conference, according to the conference’s website.

Walking around the conference grounds is an exercise in self-expression, with a variety aplenty to make a case for why braces should be considered.

The event is free to attend, but attendees will be asked to sign up for a wristband or membership at a special cost of $20 for each attendee.

The Woodburys have been the driving force behind orthopedical conferences since the 1970s, when Dr. W. W., a founding orthopedian, founded Webster Orthopedica in New Orleans, La.

He’s also a consultant to the World Health Organization and a professor of orthotic surgery at The Ohio State University.

In his keynote address, Woodbury told the audience that orthopedia is a lifestyle choice, not an illness.

“There’s a long list of medical conditions and conditions that are caused by lifestyle choices,” he said.

“But orthopedies are not the cause of that.”

Woodbury said he would recommend a range of braces, from traditional to orthopedically modern, depending on the person’s individual preference.

He also suggested that people with a range in their styles could have a lot of success with the type of braces they choose.

“If you have to choose between the traditional braces and the modern ones, the traditional ones are probably the better choice,” he told the conference.

“In the next decade, the conventional braces are going to be more and more common, and the new ones are going be coming out.”

The Woodburys are the founders of Webster Orthopaedics, which they founded in 1996 with the goal of making orthopedism as accessible as possible for all patients.

“Webster has been the leader in the development of modern orthopedisics for over 20 years,” Barbara Woodbury said.

“We are the only orthopediologists in the country that has been able to do this for patients.”

Woodsons orthopedicism is based on the theory that people are more likely to have a range than a narrow set of braces.

“The more variety that you have, the more opportunities that you will have for a range that will suit your body and your style,” he explained.

“A lot of people choose traditional orthotics because they don’t like to have that wide range.

They have a narrow range.

But in many cases, the person who’s comfortable with that can do more with that.

They can have the range that they want and the ability to work with the patients that they do have.”

The Wills’ orthopediques have become well-known for their ability to prescribe orthotics to patients with varying body shapes, but their expertise has expanded to include other kinds of injuries, including knee injuries, ankle injuries, hip injuries and head injuries.

“It’s about finding the right one for your individual body,” Barbara said.

But even with the broad range of options available to patients, the Woodburies have a philosophy that braces are not necessarily for everyone.

“For many people, it’s going to work best with a lower, narrower, more flexible type of brace,” Woodbury said.

Woods said the orthopedie community has come to a consensus that patients with a wide range of styles, such as a low arch, should be given a lower brace, and those with a high arch should be fitted with a higher brace.

“What we are saying is you need to do the study and see how it goes for you and the person you are,” he added.

“If you feel comfortable, and you have the confidence to be comfortable, then we think that you’re going to like it.

But if you feel like you’re not comfortable, we think you’re probably not comfortable.”

The theme of the conference is to promote a new era of orthotics, and for the Woodbury’s to encourage people to try different styles of braces and find the one that works best for them.

“You’ve got to be open to new ways of looking at things, and different things are going on with orthotics,” Woodbur said.

And while some orthopedians say braces are becoming less popular

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