September 14, 2021

New York state’s attorney general says the state will pay $12 million for a group of orthopedically-trained specialists who helped develop the state’s new orthopedist program.

Attorney General Michael Bloomberg’s office said in a statement Tuesday that Webster University has agreed to pay the $6.4 million.

The program, known as Webster Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Center (WEAR), began in June and provides orthopedical care to about 2,300 students at the state University of New York (UNY).

The program was supposed to have started in March.

Bloomberg’s spokesman, Scott Gellman, said in an email that the program has been “successful in helping thousands of New Yorkers with their daily physical needs.”

WeAR was also the launch of the Webster Orthopedics Institute, which Bloomberg’s administration has also created.

WeAR has a goal of reaching 10,000 students by 2021, Gellmen said.

In a statement, WEAR said it is “committed to creating a network of orthopaedic surgeons nationwide to help address the challenges of our time and work in partnership with the medical community to ensure patients are fully informed and empowered in their care.”

The program had about 10 full-time staff and a total of 300 patients, according to WEAR.

Wearer’s family, including her parents, have received about $50,000 in reimbursement from the state, said WEAR President Dan Wiederich.

Wearers family was also told in February that it would be reimbursed $15,000 by the state.

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