October 1, 2021

A Melbourne orthopedist has admitted to injecting his patients with prescription pain relievers to “get rid of the pain”.

Key points:Patients who inject themselves with drugs can have their lives ruinedThe patient said he was ‘shocked’ by the behaviourPatients have been told they will need to return to their doctor to get their prescriptions changedPatients are being urged to use the drug for pain relief rather than the drugs themselvesThe ABC has obtained a letter written by Dr David Pemberton, a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon at the George St, VIC, paediatric surgery, on behalf of his patients.

He wrote that, while he has been in business for over 25 years, he has never injected his patients, saying he was “shocked” by the actions of some of his former patients.

“I was shocked when I heard the news about how people were injecting themselves with prescription opioids to get rid of pain,” he wrote.

“These people have no idea how to live their lives, or that their lives can change so much for the better.”

They are sick and they need help, not a prescription.

“Dr Pembertons patients included:A 19-year-old man, who injected himself with an opioid to treat pain in his shoulder.

The doctor told the ABC that the medication he injected the patient for pain was the opioid tramadol, but the man was not using it.”

He was not prescribed any other medication for pain,” Dr Pemberons patient, David Akins, told the Australian.”

We were just looking for a quick fix.

“The patient was also told by his doctor that he was not required to be at his clinic for two weeks because he was undergoing a “specialised” orthopedism.”

This is a dangerous, life-changing drug,” Dr Akins said.”

It was the only medication I had, and it had not worked for the past three weeks.

“My heart just dropped.

I just can’t believe it.

I was just shocked.”

The letter has been shared on Facebook by Dr Aksins family and the community.

“His pain has been going on for years, but we just never thought we would see it this bad,” the letter said.’

I have lost so much respect for people like him’Dr Pamberton, who has been practising at the VIC paediatric clinic for over 20 years, said he felt sick to his stomach after hearing about the patients pain.

“If I could be honest, I’m so ashamed.

I have lost such a great respect for these people,” he said.

He said he had never seen a patient inject themselves.

“One patient who was in hospital for three months, for pain management, was given a medicine from a pharmacy.

I would never have given that medicine to a patient who had an infection or had pain management issues,” Dr D was quoted as saying.”

So the only way that you would inject yourself is to get an infection.”

He said the drugs used by his patients were “unacceptable” and suggested the patients should seek a medical professional who could prescribe them.

“There are doctors who say they would use them for pain control and that is what you have to get in order to be able to get them through to the specialist,” he was quoted.

Dr Piberton said the drug that he had injected the patients for pain had a side effect.

“You can inject a certain amount of the medication, but it is not what you would do in a doctor’s office,” he told the news website.

“The side effect of the drug is that you will need some time to get off it and then you have an overdose.”

He added that patients were advised to return for the change of the dose.

“To be honest with you, I have no doubt that some of the people who are doing this will do it again,” he is quoted as telling the ABC.

“Some people may say, ‘Oh, I know what I’m doing and I’m just getting the pain relief that I need’.

I would say, get the medication and you will be fine.”

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