October 10, 2021


— If you’re looking to be crushed by a hockey puck, you’re not alone.

That’s because injuries are a big reason ice hockey injuries are so common.

A study published this week in the American Journal of Sports Medicine suggests a few simple strategies can reduce your chances of being crushed in an ice-hockey hit.

For instance, if you’re standing in a hockey rink, stand at the edge of the rink, and try to keep your feet in the air.

If you don’t, you’ll have to step onto the ice to avoid getting crushed.

“This is the first time I’ve been able to quantify this in terms of injuries and injuries per capita,” said Dr. Matthew Kravitz, the study’s lead author and a sports medicine resident at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Kravtz, a sports physician, previously worked in orthopedical sports medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.

But when he came to the NHL last season, he didn’t see much difference in injuries between the regular season and the playoffs.

That may have been because the NHL has a stricter protocol for the games, which means injuries are less likely to occur.

In other words, the games are longer and there are fewer injuries per game.

The study also found that ice hockey players were more likely to suffer an ankle injury, a shoulder injury, and a shoulder/foot injury.

“That’s because the shoulder and foot come out of the same body position, which is why they’re more likely,” Kraviz said.

That means if a player gets knocked into the boards, it’s less likely they’ll be able to get back up and take a hit, Kravits said.

“But if they’re able to come back and get their head back and they’re not in the same position, then that might mean they can go through a couple of additional fractures.”

There are a number of different ways to prevent injury.

The first is to stay in a straight line.

Klevitz said this might be the hardest part, because players have to stay upright to avoid toppling over.

Another strategy is to be more flexible and avoid bending or bending over.

He also recommends staying with your feet on the ice, and not trying to bend over your own body.

“If you’re going to do it, do it,” Klevits said of this strategy.

“Make sure your toes are pointing forward, your hips are pointing up, and you’re trying to get to your feet as fast as you can.”

Kravitzer also suggests wearing gloves, and trying to keep them off your hands and feet.

“We found that one of the best ways to reduce injury in ice hockey is to use your body weight as much as possible and not have it bounce off your shoulders or your ankles,” he said.

Another way to avoid injury is to have a helmet.

It’s a good idea to have one if you can, because if you get injured, your helmet might not fit, Klevitzer said.

Katell, a hockey trainer and instructor, also recommends wearing protective gear and wearing gloves at all times.

“You don’t want to be playing with your fingers in the ice,” she said.

When you do get crushed, keep your head down and your eyes on the puck, Katell said.

The next time you get into an ice rink, you might be able the injury is in your head, but don’t let that discourage you.

“It’s important to keep playing,” Katell advised.

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